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Clex is SO gay

10 August 1979
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My name is James, I'm 27 and I work in a bookstore. I have worked here since I was 22 and, even if I don't make a lot of money, the pay is okay and I love my work. I get to read all kind of books and the work is great. I really love what I do. Besides my coworkers are great people.

I discovered Smallville a while ago and inmediately fell in love with Lex and Clark. They SO belong together. I discovered the SSA first and read 1000 stories. I couldn't stop reading, really. At first I read everything, but then I started avoiding stories where the boys didn't end up together. Nowadays I read only the stories that have clexy endings. I'm a hopeless romantic and I can't stand the idea of the boys not ending up together.

I have lurked for a while around livejournal and finally decided to get my own account. I hope to meet many clex lovers.

I like to make new friends and I'm very chatty: jameslovesclex@yahoo.com, so if you would like to chat about Smallville, the boys, Clex or about anything at all, just add me!